Primer of Happiness 2. - Self knowledge, connections, self change (anglicky)

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Nakladatel: Hladohlas
ISBN: 978-80-89711-51-2
Rok vydání: 2016
Jazyk: Angličtina
Vazba: Paperback
Počet stran: 332

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Why a person attracts a bad partner? Why what you desire is not becoming true? How to speed up the intention? What is the reason of excessive apologizing and self blame? How to solve the pressure of gossiping and envy? What is the real origin of illness? The more you help others, the more they hurt you? The second part of Hirax´s Primer of Happiness focuses on self observation as the way of getting to know you and clearing, perception of the connections with things that keep repeating , the beginning of inner dialogue, getting rid of bad habits and programs that harm us. The author tries to answer why a person does not get what he desires, how to speed up the intention (by sacrifice and humility), he accentuates the importance of gratitude, self forgiveness, the end of excessive apologizing and self blame. It comes to solving the consequences of gossiping, envy, creation of illnesses, hidden guilt with the consequence of a caravan of pains. The book describes the model and the creation of victims, silent energetic vampire, reasons of the low self esteem and the birth of fears in a person, model of aggressive energetic vampire, the creation of monkey´s love. In the chapters focused on relationships, Baričák paid attention to the importance of communication, the elimination of conflicts and arguments, and understanding why a person attracts a bad partner. The book wants to positively motivate towards the stepping to the way of self change and melting of the spiritual pains. O autorovi: We only see what we are ready to see, and I'm nothing else but a mere medium allowing the flow of that which is within each one of us. Were it not for nature, love, writing and other forms of creativity, my soul would be a mess. In fact, I'm not a writer, nor a musician, traveller, photographer, philosopher, businessman, poet, blogger, or a lyricist... I'm a mere human soul, and therefore miraculous. Just like you. I make my mistakes, I have my lows, I laugh, I hurry and slow down later, only to caress and appreciate life again, to wash in my tears that wonderful gift, which often seems to be the hardest stone of suffering. I have my dreams, I pray for things, I accept and feel grateful. Here and now. There's no other way more beautiful...
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