Primer of Happiness 1 - The Return to OURSELVES (anglicky)

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Nakladatel: Hladohlas
ISBN: 978-80-89711-49-9
Rok vydání: 2016
Jazyk: Angličtina
Vazba: Paperback
Počet stran: 352

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Your soul yearns to be loved. By you. In a simple form suitable for first-graders, this book explains the principles of self-acceptance, forgiveness, positive thinking, letting go of your parents, understanding illness, dissolving pain, problem solving, stopping fights, listening to your heart, becoming sensitive to the symbols of life and liberating yourself from other people's pain. Among the topics discussed will be the laws of mirroring, attraction and resonance, the importance of not pretending, the harmful effects of promise-making, accepting the death of others as well as your own, the energy of creating, rebellion, meditation, but also the importance of saying thank you, praising, not ridiculing others or judging them and, last but not least, respect for the beloved Mother Earth. In a natural and positive way, the author leads you to rediscover the child within yourself. He will try to change you into natural fools again and whisper in your ear a manual on becoming beings that will take hold of their lives, assume responsibility for their actions and leave the current Matrix. Indeed, Baricak doesn't believe in bringing about change through politicians and other funny characters. His message is different and simple: change yourself and you will change the world. Give children love and they will change the future. O autorovi: We only see what we are ready to see, and I'm nothing else but a mere medium allowing the flow of that which is within each one of us. Were it not for nature, love, writing and other forms of creativity, my soul would be a mess. In fact, I'm not a writer, nor a musician, traveller, photographer, philosopher, businessman, poet, blogger, or a lyricist... I'm a mere human soul, and therefore miraculous. Just like you. I make my mistakes, I have my lows, I laugh, I hurry and slow down later, only to caress and appreciate life again, to wash in my tears that wonderful gift, which often seems to be the hardest stone of suffering. I have my dreams, I pray for things, I accept and feel grateful. Here and now. There's no other way more beautiful...
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